U.K. artist Rob Kesseler used an electron scanning microscop to capture

1) this image of a seed from a thistle of the Centaurea genus.

2) A seed from the red pimpernel, a very common flower across Europe, the U.S., and Asia

3)  Here, a seed from the Bladder Campion flower.

4) The remarkable seed of a plant from the Trichodesma genus, which includes forget-me-nots.

5) A Sycamore drop, another common seed, looks as delicate as an insect wing under the SEM

6) A seed from the Drosera cistiflora, a large flower found in South Africa

7) The spore-like seed from a Cleome gynandra plant, which is a common wildflower in tropical climes.

8) Paulownia, a genus of large-leaved trees native to East Asia, produced this seed

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